7 Trends in Church Design

By Paulla Shetterly and David Strickland

(This article recently appeared in the April 2016 issue of Religious Product News.)

When clothing doesn’t fit well, you know it. It is uncomfortable and just feels wrong.  When a family grows or shrinks as children move away from home, it becomes clear the house no longer suits the needs of only two people.

For churches, it can be more difficult to articulate just why the building no longer seems right. As a church struggles to fit new or growing ministries into old spaces, the problem is essentially the same. For clothing, a good tailor or new wardrobe can solve the problem. Relocating to a home better suited for the needs of a family will address their needs.  For the church, space problems can be solved through a comprehensive review of programmatic needs and facility assessment.


Some patterns have emerged for us in our experiences in working with churches over recent years. Many churches are feeling the discomfort of spaces that don’t work and fall short of serving their ministry goals. We are seeing repeatedly some of the same concerns and issues. This list isn’t exhaustive or in any particular order.

Nocatee Exterior

We have identified seven issues we believe are “trending” as churches seek to build, relocate, remodel, and address the needs of their changing congregations. Click here to continue reading.