Project Description

Barrett Assisted Living

Our client wanted to create a new type of senior living facility to meet the unique needs of the contemporary senior living demographic. The goal of this project is to provide a program that serves two of the fastest-growing types of senior housing: assisted living and memory care.

The design team created a welcoming, modern-rustic building with plenty of space for entertainment, activities and social gatherings. Through an open and efficient layout, we can protect the safety of the patients and efficacy of the staff. Visibility and accessibility are essential to the facility’s design. Its openness is an asset to both comfort and care, making the building easy to navigate with a reduced dependence on memory.

To meet the needs of modern seniors, we also developed this facility to consider a continuum of care. No matter their level of independence, the residents can be an integral part of the community. This unique facility offers new possibilities for seniors and their changing needs, providing peace of mind to their families and caregivers.


In order to truly follow our purpose to improve lives through design, we start at the foundation: the home. Our skilled team designs inviting spaces to live and thrive, including multi-dwelling complexes and active senior homes. We create full, vibrant and lasting communities that provide for all aspects of the resident experience, from recreation and leisure to dining and outdoor living.

Client:  Barrett ALF, LLC
Location:  Marietta, GA
Project Size:  92,000 sq ft