Project Description

Cook Medical

By investing in its facilities, Tift Regional Health System is combating common challenges in rural healthcare. In Adel, Georgia, Cook Medical Center implements a bold new rural healthcare delivery model combining outpatient services and fundamental hospital functions, all intent on quality patient experiences. Through the hospital, nursing home and medical office building, Cook’s expert team provides top-of-the-line individualized care. Through our design, the facility welcomes patients with a sense of hospitality and comfort.

Our collaboration created a unique design which shifts the standard stale, clinical ordeals into boutique-style experiences. Cook’s exterior had to make an impactful first impression, as it faces a major interstate. So, we created an inviting design that blends contemporary and rustic architecture, with a warm aesthetic following through to the interior. By using natural wood tones, stacked stone, and calm, soothing colors, our design feels akin to a retreat rather than a healthcare visit.

Because staff and family are important care partners, our design considers their comfort and safety so they can focus on providing effective support. Some of the most exciting spaces on campus are the inclusive zones promoting wellness, such as the outdoor porches and gardens, the chapel, retail dining space and the main lobby. The overall design concept provides a basis for Cook to promote comfort and stability, which then allows them to deliver acute care to patients and inspire wellness and preventative treatment in the community.

CDH Partners_Cook Medical Center

Featured in Georgia Trend November 2017 Issue, Georgia Trend December 2018 Issue, Construction Today Volume 16 Issue 1, Construction Equipment Guide Southeast Edition #16, July 2018.

Health + Wellness

Our Health + Wellness Studio has designed more than 1,200 medical facilities, which serve 90,000 patients every week throughout the southeast. Each project focuses on offering communities the utmost in patient care within safe, welcoming environments. Our skilled team is experienced in 24 areas of healthcare architecture, enabling us to create highly complex and technical designs for all general and specialty healthcare needs. We are known for producing the most innovative healthcare design projects, such as outpatient surgery centers and multi-specialty health parks.

Project:  Cook Medical Center
Client:  Tift Regional Health System
Location:  Adel, GA
Project Size:  129,300 sq ft