Project Description

Kennesaw State University
English Building

Kennesaw State University (KSU) has programmed successful classroom utilization throughout their campuses. It was important for their new English building to maintain this standard, so we determined how to best balance the needs of the students, curriculum, and facilities with a new addition and renovation. The overall goal was to provide more classroom and meeting space, as well as an area for students to gather and collaborate between classes.

The university required the new space to cohesively tie into the existing campus—including the original building from 1980 and a 2004 addition. Our design integrated seamlessly by incorporating similar brick and metal panels on the exterior.

On the second floor, we added clerestory windows, which is an ancient architectural technique to flood vast spaces with ambient light from above eye level. Here, it became a beautifully modern design feature that enhanced the open space between stories.

CDH Partners_KSU English Building

KSU’s program was ambitious, but we exceeded their expectations by reconciling their needs within their budget. Additionally, our prompt work allowed them to move into the building in time for fall semester. The growing body of English students now has extensive study space, and the client loves the complementary addition to the campus.

Higher Education

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Project:  Kennesaw State University English Building
Client:  Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
Location:  Kennesaw, GA
Project Size:  13,000 sq ft