Atlanta Jewish Academy

The Atlanta Jewish Academy selected CDH Partners to design a new building and renovation of the existing space on campus. This multi-phase plan includes classroom and laboratory instruction space, faculty areas, a beit midrash and a new gymnasium. A third level addition to the high school was also masterplanned within the project’s scope.

The nearly 20,000 sf multi-purpose building provides many different environments for use. There are classroom and laboratory combination spaces, which allow instruction on physics, biology and chemistry. The Academy faculty have new areas in which to interact with students outside the instructional space and prepare their teaching. The beit midrash has a etzel hayim for the sefer torah, a prescribed divider and storage for kippas and shawls. Our continuous communication with the client was vital to this project. The coordination by all parties involved provided beautiful new instructional and gathering space for the Academy.

Historical Friendship Baptist Church

Building committee members for the historical Friendship Baptist Church selected CDH Partners to design a completely new church campus. Plans call for this new campus to be completed in April 2017, which will be the church’s 155th anniversary. Friendship is one of the oldest African-American churches in the city of Atlanta.

The new 44,000 square foot church will contain state-of-the-art technology and a sanctuary that seats 500. The design for the Fellowship Hall will be flexible and contain a stage and room for over 450 people, while a smaller chapel will seat 200. The church will also contain educational and choir rehearsal space.

Friendship Baptist was displaced when the Atlanta Falcons began to acquire property for a new stadium. It was established in 1862 and is Atlanta’s first African American Baptist congregation. In the beginning, church services were held in a donated railroad boxcar given to Friendship by a church in Ohio. It was used for worship services on Sunday and as a classroom by youth during the week.

Both Spelman and Morris Brown Colleges began in the basement of Friendship Baptist Church. These schools later became a part of Atlanta University. The church is also the “Mother” church to nine other African American Baptist congregations.

Many elements of the historical Friendship Church building have been preserved and will be incorporated into the new building. Stained glass windows will be reused along with the church’s original bell and pipe organ.


Friendship Baptist Church
Atlanta, GA

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Furniture Procurement for UGA Veterinary Medical Center

Libby Laguta, now a designer for CDH Partners, worked with the selection and procurement for the furnishings of the University of Georgia Veterinary Medical Center. This facility has a different clientele than a standard hospital. The constituents are human and non-human. For the small animal facility, which includes mostly dogs and cats with wealth of other possibilities, the furnishings needed to pass the no-rust test from 8 inches down.

This meant that no chair was totally enclosed below that bench mark.  The metal on all furnishings legs had to be able to withstand the test of “accidents” with the non-human population. All upholstery is vinyl with some form of treatment to prohibit the growth of microbes. Arms of chairs are wide enough to become “cat-friendly” perches and there are wide seats to keep small animals close while waiting. There are arms rest that can function as “head rests” for the dogs that want their human’s lap time while they wait to see a veterinarian.

Since this is an educational facility, the “rounds rooms” furnishings enable the students to take a few minutes between cases and sit at a “sightline” table with wall-mounted monitors to discuss a difficult case or learn from a particularly interesting case. This provides an excellent tool to quickly facilitate a teachable moment.

The large animals are brought directly into stalls. So, the chairs and accommodations in the adjacent waiting area are strictly for humans. The “home on the range” feel is engrained in the large comfortable leather chairs with ottomans. It could be a long wait for the families, so the theme is a familiar environment from where they came.

The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital opened on March 25, 2015. This state-of-the-art facility allows the hospital to better meet its current patient care demands and the educational needs of the UGA College of Veterinary medicine. The facility provides a real hands-on experience for students studying large and small animals. The 300,000 square foot facility and campus houses a Veterinary Education Center, which includes a 160-seat auditorium and three classrooms. Expanded teaching and collaboration spaces also are located in the new Veterinary Medical Center.

The Center includes a new teaching hospital for small and large animals, a covered equine performance arena, a building dedicated to Field Services, Production Medicine and Theriogenology, and an education building for teaching and continuing education courses.