Fellowship Bible Church

CDH Partners worked with the leadership of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia to expand their campus to address growing youth ministry needs by providing a safe and inviting environment that promotes fellowship, and spiritual growth opportunities.

The architectural features of the “Student Ministries Building” includes an open central mall with exposed structure, and a rich palette of colors that reinforces a natural aesthetic. This unique facility provides two spaces for assembly. One for the Middle School ministry with seating for 500 when operable walls creating classroom spaces are stacked and stored. The second, for the High School ministry, will accommodate 300.

Each with state of the art audio, video and theatrical lighting technology.The central mall space provides small group meeting cubes and stalls in an open environment. A cafe’ anchors the west end of the mall. An interior dining area is provided as well as two covered exterior dining areas.

Furniture Procurement for UGA Veterinary Medical Center

Libby Laguta, now a designer for CDH Partners, worked with the selection and procurement for the furnishings of the University of Georgia Veterinary Medical Center. This facility has a different clientele than a standard hospital. The constituents are human and non-human. For the small animal facility, which includes mostly dogs and cats with wealth of other possibilities, the furnishings needed to pass the no-rust test from 8 inches down.

This meant that no chair was totally enclosed below that bench mark.  The metal on all furnishings legs had to be able to withstand the test of “accidents” with the non-human population. All upholstery is vinyl with some form of treatment to prohibit the growth of microbes. Arms of chairs are wide enough to become “cat-friendly” perches and there are wide seats to keep small animals close while waiting. There are arms rest that can function as “head rests” for the dogs that want their human’s lap time while they wait to see a veterinarian.

Since this is an educational facility, the “rounds rooms” furnishings enable the students to take a few minutes between cases and sit at a “sightline” table with wall-mounted monitors to discuss a difficult case or learn from a particularly interesting case. This provides an excellent tool to quickly facilitate a teachable moment.

The large animals are brought directly into stalls. So, the chairs and accommodations in the adjacent waiting area are strictly for humans. The “home on the range” feel is engrained in the large comfortable leather chairs with ottomans. It could be a long wait for the families, so the theme is a familiar environment from where they came.

The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital opened on March 25, 2015. This state-of-the-art facility allows the hospital to better meet its current patient care demands and the educational needs of the UGA College of Veterinary medicine. The facility provides a real hands-on experience for students studying large and small animals. The 300,000 square foot facility and campus houses a Veterinary Education Center, which includes a 160-seat auditorium and three classrooms. Expanded teaching and collaboration spaces also are located in the new Veterinary Medical Center.

The Center includes a new teaching hospital for small and large animals, a covered equine performance arena, a building dedicated to Field Services, Production Medicine and Theriogenology, and an education building for teaching and continuing education courses.


Mount Paran – Bibleland

Mount Paran Church of God has a rapidly growing congregation that supports a progressive style of worship. When designers for CDH Partners began to develop a master plan for the church, the location of the campus was an immediate concern. But so was the location and the design of the children’s spaces one of which is called Bibleland.

Each Sunday, Pre-K children and Kindergarteners visit Bibleland, an age-specific multi-functional theater space.A large room hosts the weekly drama, puppets, music, costumed storytellers. Eight classrooms are used for further teaching on the Bible story for the week. This themed environment even has a special seating to fit the environment and help this age group imagine what it would be like to live when Jesus lived. 


First Baptist Church Fayetteville, Georgia

The major concern the leadership of this church was retention. They wanted to make sure they had the right updated facilities to offer the youth and young families. The finishes, themed environments, and security measures were not current. CDH had built a multipurpose building on this campus years ago and it also needed updating. The choice to have a more contemporary facility also included theater seating in the main sanctuary.

The renovation took place “under roof,” which called for contractors and their teams to work during the week making the facility available for use on Sundays. It involved a great deal of demolition work, especially to the preschool and children’s areas that included moving walls, adding welcome stations, updated finishes, millwork, paint and themed environments.

The campus also contained a historical structure, which was the original sanctuary. It is now used by the youth for worship. This building was completely renovated and the original stain glass windows were refurbished. The new contemporary designed facility was also something adults, who use the facility, are comfortable using. The middle school and high school groups also have assemble space in this facility. A café was added to this area making it a great place for people to meet ad have coffee.

The children’s area was relocated and totally reconfigured. Corridors that had been difficult to navigate were changed and enlarged to increase traffic flow. Walls were taken down and reconfigured to include a center corridor that allows for a smoother transition from one space to another. An area used for fellowship, recreation, and classroom space was located on the lower level of the main worship facility. It was under used because it was dark and hidden. This space was totally renovated adding new paint, millwork, along with a new ceiling, a stage, and a state-of-the art lighting and sound system. Now, it is a perfect place for events and recreation. An elevator was also added to this building making it handicap accessible.

The space for preschoolers required a total renovation. The rooms that were in this location were functional, but CDH designers added new finishes, paint, millwork, and updated the themes. Security was also added taking care of a critical need. Architects added a check in area, cross-corridor doors to create a physical barrier to aid in security along with access control items requiring the addition of keypads. Before the renovation, the administrative staff was scattered all over the campus making security problematic. It also meant that building that contained these offices had to be heated and cooled so the campus was not energy efficient.

Architects captured some classroom space and turn it into an office suite for the staff and the senior pastor along with space for volunteers. Before the redesign and renovation, various buildings had to be left open. This newly constructed area has helped the staff to work more efficiently while conserving energy. The campus is now easier to navigate and to manage and secure. The results of the renovation is a more contemporary setting that incorporated theater seating themed areas while meeting the needs of all age groups.


First Baptist Church
Fayetteville, GA

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First Baptist Church Powder Springs

As a suburban church with a growing congregation, leaders at First Baptist Church in Powder Springs, Georgia, recognized the need to create a space that was dedicated to their youth ministry. The church purchased a stand-alone building, which had previously served the community as a local library. The proximity to the church made this building ideal for the youth—giving them an area all their own. The new facility is named “Spring Street Garage” and is used by junior and senior high students.

As plans took shape, CDH designers employed a range of thematic elements to brand the space including the front half of a car, which was turned into a sound booth. An important feature of this space is its flexibility. Two large overhead garage doors containing clear panels are used to subdivide the area for small groups. They are raised for large group meetings, worship times, and when the stage is in use. Workbenches, toolboxes, tires, an over-sized wrench, and tools reinforce the theme of this area and the fact that it is a place where teens meet, interact, and get their own spiritual “tune up.


First Baptist Church Powder Springs
Powder Springs, Georgia

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CDH Partners design Themed Spaces that work. from CDH Partners on Vimeo.


Prince Avenue Baptist – Children

For years, Prince Avenue Baptist Church has had a very active children’s program. Therefore, when church leaders met with the CDH design team, they immediately expressed a desire to create an area that motivated young children to learn.

“Genesis Junction” does exactly that. This themed space is highly motivational and entertaining. It was designed to have the look and feel of a fun train depot. The check in station is a ticket counter with security doors for limited access and video cameras to monitor entry. There are even blinking red lights on the railroad crossing signals.

A large mural of an old steam locomotive extends down the hallway and acts as a wayfinding element for children and parents. A small theater located inside the preschool area provides a place for children to watch puppet shows and interact with teachers and other children.

“Kidzopolis,” which is located on the upper level, is a large space designated for children K-5. It includes “The Clubhouse” theater, another themed area that containing large trees, marquee style posters depicting the current Sunday school lesson, and a stage area with props suitable for a teaching environment. Solid and patterned carpeting that is sensitive to the black lights provides another sensory rich experience.

Exits from the Clubhouse lead to secure corridors and provide access to the children’s ministry classrooms. The inclusion of 3D elements and black lighting create a sense of drama and excitement. Thanks to colorful wall messaging, these areas are also places where values and principles are taught in an easy-to-understand ways.


Prince Avenue Baptist Church
Bogart, Georgia

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2010 Masonary Award of Georgia


CDH Partners design Themed Spaces that work. from CDH Partners on Vimeo.

First Baptist Jonesboro – Children

The goal given to CDH was to create a colorful space that is exciting and provides plenty of interaction for the children of First Baptist Church Jonesboro. Designers converted and redesigned an existing drive-under portion of the building into a secure, light-filled area for the church’s youth. The renovation and the expansion of the existing 3-story children’s building also provided additional educational space, along with a toddler’s indoor play area and a reception station.

The check-in desk in the children’s area is a train with whistles and lights. A pattern of train tracks is printed into the carpet and disappears into a tunnel, which is actually an elevator door. Each corridor in this three-story building supports the “train” theme, which provides easy wayfinding for children and parents as they move along clearly marked pathways.


First Baptist Church of Jonesboro
Jonesboro, Georgia

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Mount Paran Children’s Ministry

Power House is part of the children’s ministry (grades 1-5) of Mt. Paran Church. This space includes a large game room to serve as a gathering space and the Power House theater. The active themed environment is animated with fully integrated lighting and audiovisual capabilities. It includes a stage and auditorium and five large classrooms that serve as a breakout space for children to be taught in grade level Bible studies.


Mount Paran Church of God
Atlanta, Georgia

Square Footage:

5,500 – PowerHouse
11,800 – Bibleland


WFX 2008 Solomon Award Winner of
Most Innovative Church Facility

Hope Church

As the leadership team of Hope Church met with the interior designers one thing became clear: the new children’s area needed to reflect the church’s strong vision and energy for missions. Designers took their cues from this meeting and specifically created a themed space to instill excitement and involvement with various cultures and ministries around the world.

This area was created to reflect everyday life in a foreign culture. Interior elements include recognizable features such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a familiar red telephone booth from Great Britain, and the Roman Coliseum in Italy.

Design elements are colorful, vibrant, and incorporate the use 3-D features that capture the youth’s attention. Recognizable wall murals, patterned carpet, and solid finishes were strategically placed to help children and their parents access classroom and activity areas via clearly marked pathways.


Hope Church
Springfield, Illinois

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KidsTown at Perimeter Church

The architects and interior designers at CDH Partners are responsible for bringing Perimeter Church’s vision of “KidsTown” to life. It developed as a result of the church’s desire to expand their campus and address their growing children’s ministry needs. The design concept of this new space gives the sense of stepping back in time on a city street with traditional storefronts, town homes, cast lantern light poles.

This unique children’s area has propelled great enthusiasm within the congregation. Opposite the town home façade is a movie theater ticket counter that is the entry into the kids worship space. The children’s theater is a series of carpeted stadium style seating steps for up to 400 children. The exposed ceiling structure is black with pipes, ductwork, catwalk and carpet accented in a collage of colors that are activated by black lights. The asymmetrical stage is equipped with a large rear screen projector to allow for multiple points of focus. These new facilities provide a safe, high energy environment that promotes fellowship, fun, and spiritual growth opportunities.


Perimeter Church
Duluth, Georgia

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Free Chapel Children’s Center

When considering elements to include in a master plan, church leaders expressed a desire to provide worship and educational space for the children first. Therefore, CDH designers created a plan for a children’s center that included 62,000 square feet dedicated solely to children’s ministry.

Architects were asked to design an area that specifically addressed a variety of programing needs. Welcome areas are theme-based with sunbursts and moon shaped lighting fixtures. Cloud shape ceiling panels appear to float throughout the area creating a whimsical and bright atmosphere.

Phase one of the master plan for this church included educational space, preschool facilities, a theater, game room, puppet room, and fellowship hall equipped with theatrical lighting, and audio and video controls. Despite being located on the lower level of the facility, the children’s area is easy to access and contains large windows that provide plenty of daylight exposure. A secure fenced playground is located at the rear of the campus.


Free Chapel Worship Center
Gainesville, Georgia

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First Place for 2005 Private Sector in the Southeast Chapter of (DBIA)
Design Build Institute of America

Bible Center Church

This church campus is located in a highly picturesque area surrounded by stunning mountainous views and a wooded landscape. Because of the steep, architects faced several challenges. Phase one included the construction of a 1,200 multipurpose sanctuary. This three-story structure is an extension of its natural surroundings and incorporates the use of stone, glazing, stucco, slate flooring, and heavy timber elements.

The grand lobby is literally a window to the outdoors. It’s elegant lodge-like feel and large fenestration and clerestory features, an immense fireplace, and mission styled furniture that come together to create a sense of warmth and welcome. A small café also serves as a gathering place for members and visitors.

Designers continued the lodge atmosphere throughout the worship center by incorporating richly textured fabrics, wrought iron, stone, and millwork. Two large walls of windows create a sense of spaciousness and light. They are fixed with roman shades and blackout shading. Themed environments such as the youth and children’s areas are bright and durable. The structure’s series of roofs are finished with standing seam metal and asphalt shingles. Parking was designed to accommodate 550 vehicles.


Bible Center Church
Charleston, West Virginia

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