Church Executive Magazine Interviews CDH Architect Timothy Black

Showcasing eco-friendly components in your new-build project conveys good stewardship — financial and environmental. For the majority of clients, aiming for full Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification for a new building isn’t cost-effective, as it often costs several to tens of thousands of dollars above and beyond construction costs. Charles Kluger, principal at Kluger Architects, Inc. in Signal Hill, CA, explains why.
For one thing, Kluger’s firm must be part of the US Green Building Green Council, which is fee-based. Second, he says, LEED certification is an extensive process that often involves third-party consulting to achieve.
Tim Black of CDH Partners in Marietta, GA — who designed LEED-certified (silver) First United Methodist Church in Orlando — agrees that these projects are the exception, not the rule. “It usually comes down to bottom-line costs. Even administrative costs associated with pursuing the certification can be cost-prohibitive,” he acknowledges. Click here to read the article containing the interview of CDH architect Timothy Black