New construction at John’s Creek Presbyterian provides much needed space


CDH was asked by Johns Creek Presbyterian leaders to design a new multi-purpose facility, which will be called the Great Hall. It will serve members and the community, while addressing a number of opportunities and challenges within the growing Johns Creek area. Building features include: an atrium-type lobby, gathering spaces, a visitor’s greeting area, and a warming kitchen.

The 11,000 square foot facility has a large stage for contemporary worship and performances along with the latest audio, video, and theatrical technology.  The large gathering atrium space was designed for good flow and easy way finding. It’s scheduled to be completed by August 2016.


The Great Hall includes a large, “scalable” kitchen designed to support a variety food service needs through plug-in equipment options and flexible (and portable) serving configurations. The contemporary design includes a “coffee house” area for serving light meals and refreshments as well as configurable areas that can be used for small group discussions, games, and group projects.


Sheet rock is going up! The “Great Hall” provides the much needed extra space for Johns Creek Presbyterian to have banquets, concerts, theater performances, and lite recreation within a state-of-the-art facility. The current chapel will be used for worship services and sacred events, but this new facility will serve as a “bridge” space and accommodate up to 400 for worship.


The next phase of construction will include a new sanctuary, a music center to support choirs and the church’s Academy of Fine Arts, as well as space for administrative offices, additional storage, classrooms for Adult Education and a counseling center.