Transforming lines on a computer drawing into a space that enhances someone’s life is the mission of the Interiors Studio. An integral part of the design process, interior designers bring to life your vision of the inside of a school auditorium or the floor plan of your patients’ waiting area.

Our expertise and creativity in space planning, designing interior architectural details and choosing materials that enhance the overall design of the project result in a space that is comfortable and enjoyable. We want to push the level of design beyond your expectations.

We provide the unique details to make your project special, from arches that present a welcoming transition into a hospital lobby, to custom light fixtures that reflect the mood of the room.

Our approach to designing interior spaces is holistic and pushes beyond aesthetics to create places that are comfortable, healthy environments. We are intentional in using sustainable design philosophies, and when it is sensible we use recycled, reclaimed materials, or materials derived from resources that are rapidly renewable.

Featured Interiors Projects