Repurposing Existing Space: A Good Idea?

This article was originally published in Worship Facilities Magazine (June 5, 2012)

by David Strickland

Is repurposing existing space a good solution for your growing church?A new building or addition is not always the only answer to meet space needs.

I recently visited a church that is experiencing a huge attendance increase in [its] youth ministry program. As often seen, the increase is also having a positive impact in other age-specific ministry groups at the church. In addition to these students their parents and siblings are becoming involved in small groups and other church activities. After having been at the same church just a few years ago it was exciting to walk through the youth space, which is an older building on the campus, and literally feel that this space is no longer underutilized or somewhat forgotten. I saw tidy spaces with photos and posters and activity calendars on the cleverly decorated walls and I knew that this ministry is serious and it is moving forward with a mission to satisfy a vital need of the church. The truth is that they are thriving and they are doing so in an older building. Please continue reading . . . .

David Strickland is a principal with CDH Partners Inc. in Marietta, Ga. He has 25 years of experience in planning and designing churches and can be reached at

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