Topping Off Party at Paulding Hospital


Mark Haney president of WellStar Paulding Hospital is joined by CDH project manager Mary Lindeman and Contract Administrator Gregg Kidd at the new Paulding Hospital site.

Wellstar Paulding Hospital, which is a CDH project, is scheduled to open April 2014 with 56 beds. Future expansion will see the hospital grow to a 112 bed facility. When all the phases are completed, it will be an eight-story, 250,000 square foot, Energy Star facility that offers core medical amenities that include emergency services for adults and children, an accredited chest pain center, and private patient rooms, telemetry and medical/surgical, low acuity and high acuity surgery, GI and bronch services, along with ear, nose, and throat care. Cancer therapies will be done on site. The hospital will also offer in patient and out patient imaging. Plus, it will have a state-of-the-art women’s imaging center.


Recently, Brasfield Gorrie general contractors hosted a WellStar Paulding Hospital “topping off” party in celebration of the building reaching its final height. The facility is on tap to become one of the first Pebble Projects in Georgia. Specific focus is being placed on meeting the personal needs of patients as well as the needs of their families and caregivers while maximizing operational efficiency and environmental performance.

“Becoming a Pebble Project has motivated us to think differently about every area of the hospital and medical facility,” said Mark Haney president of WellStar Paulding Hospital. “We didn’t want to build a traditional hospital. We wanted to build a facility that could be integrated into this community in such a way that it becomes much more than just a place to receive medical care. We wanted every aspect of it to be healing and promote wellness. Pebble-based projects are evidence based design concepts. Therefore this hospital will be centered around patient care, quality safety, and efficiency.”


“Once we are full at the first two levels,” said Haney, “we will open another floor and another 28 beds along with growing our staff at the same time. I believe this approach is the best way to remain good stewards of our resources.” The hospital will eventually employ over 300 people and is being seen as a boost to the local economy. It also will contain 30 adult and 10 pediatric emergency exam rooms, and four surgery suites with the flexibility to expand to eight. There are also plans for it to become an educational and meeting center for the Paulding community.

Haney emphasized that the CDH Partners design team helped Paulding’s administrative team take their vision to a higher level, which included holistic design, open work areas, and teaming stations where a greater degree of collaboration can take place. “When we sat down with the integrated design team from CDH Partners, we had certain goals in mind, and they helped us solidify these goals and then to develop a plan where they would become a reality. Meeting the growing needs of our patients, their families, and community was a top priority, but there was another objective that we wanted to reach and that was the care and support of our doctors and our staff. “

The new Wellstar Paulding facility is following a national trend that offers medical services in a community environment—where patients live. It is a very attractive option to the alternative that at times puts healthcare miles away from patients, family members and care givers.


Paulding Hospital will be one of the most advanced hospitals in the state of Georgia.


As a commitment to sustainable solutions, WellStar is investing in the geo-thermal heating system for the new Paulding hospital.


Mark Haney takes time to talk with a few of the CDH staff and compliment the team on the project.

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