Project Description


Arylessence, a leading developer and manufacturer of fragrances and flavors, needed a new corporate headquarters and R&D facility to elevate their brand and pave the way for growth. They wanted a modern facility that would reflect their innovation to clients and lead to ongoing success in a highly competitive market.

We designed a beautiful space where the perfumers welcome clients, monitor trends, and find inspiration for new scents. The building, which is triple the size of their former facility, has clean rooms and an air purification system for optimal air quality and scent control. We also included a garden and space for local art to highlight the artistic side of the craft.

CDH used sustainable features and local, natural building materials to create an elegant atmosphere that doesn’t feel like a laboratory. Clients have loved the sophisticated experience, and they appreciate the increased capabilities. After the ribbon cutting, the company saw no less than seven straight months of significant growth.

CDH Partners_Arylessence


We proudly design research and development labs for corporate, academic, and government facilities. Our work considers the most important factors in modern research facilities: environmental sustainability, collaboration-driven research, and flexibility for future advancements. Science and technology touches each of our lives, so our team seeks to design effective and streamlined work environments for the people creating products for a better, safer and more constructive world.

Client:  Arylessence Inc.
Location:  Marietta, GA
Project Size:  35,000 sq ft