Project Description

Christian Heritage Church

Due to Christian Heritage’s thriving congregation, the church was quickly outgrowing their capacity and limiting their growth. They decided to move forward with a master plan to ensure they could serve their members well into the future, beginning with a large gathering area and children’s ministry.

The gathering area is the center of campus. It is marked with a glass tower that stands as a beacon to all visitors, pointing the way inside and filling the interior with natural light. In the café-style environment, members of all generations can enjoy fellowship and community.

The state-of-the-art children’s ministry features two transparent indoor playgrounds and a secure check-in area for parents’ peace of mind. Bright hues, a high-energy theater and sculptural trees enhance the dynamic theme and create a stimulating space where children want to keep coming back.

CDH Partners_Christian Heritage Church

The gathering area is now the most used space on campus. Because it naturally encourages community, it has become the heart of the church. Our design has exceeded expectations for Christian Heritage. Since the space opened, the church has gained more than 100 new members.

CDH Partners_Christian Heritage Church

Worship + Community

Our Worship + Community Studio has designed more than 700 church projects, creating inclusive, supportive and authentic spaces for spiritual enlightenment. We are proud that over 700,000 people each week worship in facilities we have designed. Our success comes from understanding the organization’s mission so that we can align the facilities with the needs of its ministries. This process creates vibrant environments for children to play in a safe, nurturing space and for the congregation to gather in fellowship, inspiring them to come together to do great things.

Project:  Christian Heritage Church Master Plan and Children’s Ministry
Client:  Christain Heritage Church
Location:  Graniteville, SC
Project Size:  14,985 sq ft