Project Description

First Baptist
Church Athens

First Baptist Church is one of several historic churches in downtown Athens, GA. Its leadership wanted the facilities to more effectively serve their ministries, while also preserving the charming historic architecture of their sanctuary.

One of our most important objectives was to provide a more secure area for the church’s children. Their space was formerly located along a crowded corridor that visitors used as routes between various ministries. We effectively relocated the area adjacent to the preschool, which makes the check-in process more efficient for the church’s young families.

We wanted our design to create a more intimate worship experience for the church, as well as accentuate the beautiful ornate décor of their sanctuary. As part of the renovation, we enlarged the chancel platform, installed stained wood flooring, and reoriented the pipe organ works to interact more directly with the congregants. We also rebuilt an entire chancel wall to echo the original design of the historic church that had been modified in previous renovations.

CDH Partners_First Baptist Church Athens

These renovations were just one piece of a larger project. By adding new finishes, window treatments and lighting throughout the 78,000 sq ft campus, we made the space feel brand new. Between these touches and our clean, streamlined design, the renovations were highly impactful on the church and its congregants. Our team transformed the traditional setting into a welcoming and vibrant space with more opportunities for fellowship among all age groups.

CDH Partners_First Baptist Church Athens

Worship + Community

Our Worship + Community Studio has designed more than 700 church projects, creating inclusive, supportive and authentic spaces for spiritual enlightenment. We are proud that over 700,000 people each week worship in facilities we have designed. Our success comes from understanding the organization’s mission so that we can align the facilities with the needs of its ministries. This process creates vibrant environments for children to play in a safe, nurturing space and for the congregation to gather in fellowship, inspiring them to come together to do great things.

Client:  First Baptist Church
Location:  Athens, GA
Project Size:  12,122 sq ft