Project Description

First Baptist

Fully committed to serving its congregation, the leadership at First Baptist Jonesboro wanted a space that would make their community feel comfortable and cared for. Our renovation design transformed the space from traditional and uninspired to contemporary and inviting.

We designed a gathering space with style and function that will last the congregation for years. A full café rounds out the warm and welcoming environment, and it opens up more opportunities for fellowship. The gathering space and café are extremely popular with the congregation.

CDH Partners_First Baptist Church Jonesboro

The church’s original lobby and adjoining area were dated, and its décor did not appeal to all ages of the congregation. By adding new material and lighting, we brightened up the space to invite new life and activity. We painted the existing exposed brick so that some of the original color shows through. This gave the interior façade a unique texture with a nod to the history of the building.

CDH Partners_First Baptist Church Jonesboro

Jonesboro wants every visitor who steps inside to feel the love of its community, and our design reflects this message. The feeling it exudes and the experiences it offers give a sense of contentedness and accessibility to all who enter.

CDH Partners_First Baptist Church Jonesboro

Contemporary Worship

Our Worship + Community Studio has designed more than 700 church projects, creating inclusive, supportive and authentic spaces for contemporary spiritual enlightenment. We are proud that over 700,000 people each week worship in facilities we have designed, from children who can play in a safe, nurturing space to the congregation who gather in fellowship. Our success comes from understanding each organization’s mission so that we can align its facilities with the needs of its ministries. This process creates vibrant, modern environments that inspire church members to do great things together.

Client:  First Baptist Church Jonesboro
Location:  Jonesboro, GA
Project Size:  17,000 sq ft