Project Description

Baptist Church

The historical Friendship Baptist Church was displaced when the Atlanta Falcons began acquiring property for a new stadium. The church leaders, however, were determined to stay downtown, where they had been a community pillar since 1862. They envisioned a new space that would honor their church’s history and the area they had loved for so many generations.

They found a site nearby that became the perfect location for their new church, providing comprehensive worship, fellowship and event space. Our design accommodates all their ministries while keeping the heart of the former church alive. We integrated cherished elements salvaged from the old church, including a multitude of stained-glass windows, the church bell and pipe organ for the new sanctuary. A one-of-a-kind museum displays archived church documents and photos.

CDH Partners_Friendship Baptist Church

By listening to Friendship’s needs, we helped them plan for their new home in the same neighborhood in which they had extensive roots, while retaining their history. We used an efficient design concept to ensure the site is accessible for elderly church members, and we maintained the spirit of the congregation through its traditional style and welcoming touches. Friendship has both the space they require and a powerful presence in its beloved neighborhood.

CDH Partners_Friendship Baptist Church

Worship + Community

Our Worship + Community Studio has designed more than 700 church projects, creating inclusive, supportive and authentic spaces for spiritual enlightenment. We are proud that over 700,000 people each week worship in facilities we have designed. Our success comes from understanding the organization’s mission so that we can align the facilities with the needs of its ministries. This process creates vibrant environments for children to play in a safe, nurturing space and for the congregation to gather in fellowship, inspiring them to come together to do great things.

Client:  Friendship Baptist Church
Location:  Atlanta, GA
Project Size:  44,000 sq ft