Project Description

Baptist Church

Hebron Baptist Church is located in a flourishing suburb on the outskirts of Atlanta, where numerous young families are seeking an engaging and dynamic place for worship. As its congregation rapidly grew, the church realized it needed improved facilities to better serve the different ages, interests and worship styles of its members.

Hebron is a popular center for spiritual growth and community outreach. As such, it wanted to provide greater opportunities for its youth population. We came up with a solution of adaptive reuse and renovated some underutilized space to form separate, secure areas for the church’s children, middle schoolers and high schoolers. Each group now has their own uniquely themed environment, which makes them feel acknowledged and comfortable.

CDH Partners_Hebron Baptist Church

A good renovation project can look, feel and function like it is brand new. Our team transformed the old facility into a beautiful, modern and efficient multi-purpose building, all at a lower cost than building new ministry spaces. Our design serves as an effective tool for youth ministry and fellowship, and it can easily accommodate the future growth of the church.

CDH Partners_Hebron Baptist Church

“Through CDH Partners’ leadership and expertise, aging facilities on our campus were transformed into vibrant ministry spaces. Lives are being changed [and] we are grateful to God for our partnership with CDH Partners.”

Derek Spain,
Executive Pastor
Hebron Baptist Church

CDH Partners_Hebron Baptist Church

Worship + Community

Our Worship + Community Studio has designed more than 700 church projects, creating inclusive, supportive and authentic spaces for spiritual enlightenment. We are proud that over 700,000 people each week worship in facilities we have designed. Our success comes from understanding the organization’s mission so that we can align the facilities with the needs of its ministries. This process creates vibrant environments for children to play in a safe, nurturing space and for the congregation to gather in fellowship, inspiring them to come together to do great things.

Project:  Hebron Baptist Church Youth Center
Client:  Hebron Baptist Church
Location:  Dacula, GA
Project Size:  72,000 sq ft