Project Description

Middle School

As the first Future Ready school in the DeKalb County School District, Ronald E. McNair Middle School will provide a unique experience for the community’s students. The new prototype integrates spaces for 21st-century learning, in which innovation and collaboration pervade the educational environment.

The media center serves as the heart and hub of the school. It promotes the use of space as an integral part of a student’s daily education through features like smaller production labs with readily accessible technology. Glass garage-style doors open onto the main circulation area to encourage a more fluid, collaborative style of teamwork.

In the main circulation area, a sloping ceiling guides the eye to an expansive view of the courtyard. The entire facility integrates shared spaces that the school can rearrange for various purposes, adding versatility by extending the classroom beyond four walls.

McNair Middle School
McNair Middle School
McNair Middle School

Design is paramount to achieving a Future Ready environment, and McNair’s new learning space promotes the school district’s goals of flexibility and innovation. The space will help them implement personalized digital learning strategies and prepare each and every student for success.

McNair Middle School McNair Middle School

K-12 Education

Our Education Studio infuses passion for student-centered learning environments into our designs for private and public K-12 education providers. These purpose-driven spaces impact more than 750,000 students by encouraging collaborative learning and exploration. We look at the evolving needs of K-12 education facilities and develop effective, engaging and flexible environments where students can thrive.

Project:  Ronald E. McNair Middle School Replacement School
Client:  DeKalb County School District
Location:  Decatur, GA
Project Size:  173,000 sq ft