Project Description

South Cobb
High School

South Cobb High School’s fine arts students needed a larger, centralized space for rehearsals and performances. The department was scattered across campus, so the client wanted to consolidate it into one performing arts center. Our team set out to design an outstanding and memorable facility in a style to match the existing campus.

Awards won for design of South Cobb high school performing arts center
CDH Partners - South Cobb HS

The performing arts center is the county’s first true 21st century amenity, and it has become a community landmark. It finally gives students the proper environment for rehearsal and performance so they can learn and grow in their art. This contemporary addition transformed South Cobb’s entire campus as well as the student experience.

CDH Partners - South Cobb HS CDH Partners - South Cobb HS

K-12 Education

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Project: South Cobb High School Performing Arts Center
Client: Cobb County School District
Location: Austell, GA
Project Size: 32,000 sq ft