Project Description

Southwest DeKalb
High School

Southwest DeKalb High School is located in a disadvantaged area of DeKalb County. The school district believed a new fine arts center could provide inspiration to the community in transition. By investing in its campus as well as its students, they hope to encourage positive attitudes and bright futures.

The fine arts center creates a comprehensive forum for students to express their creativity. The large glass façade creates a sense of openness and draws you into the space. Inside, it incorporates an auditorium, state-of-the-art instructional units, individual practice rooms, and rehearsal space for band, choir, orchestra, keyboarding and visual arts. Furthermore, the band room’s unique 14-foot folding door leads to a new outdoor amphitheater that both the school and community can use for concerts, lectures and other events.

CDH Partners_Southwest Dekalb High School

Since its design, this building has become one of the most prominent buildings in the Southwest Dekalb area. The extensive performance and support spaces have drawn people together for impromptu performances from the drama club, the local library, and more. Overall, it has had a tremendously positively impact on its students and the surrounding area.

CDH Partners_Southwest Dekalb High School

“[CDH’s] staff collaborated with DeKalb County School System and the Stakeholders to provide a design that is responsive to the needs of the school, the County, and the surrounding community.”

Carlton Parker, AIA, Program Director, DeKalb County School System

2015 Outstanding Project Award | Learning by Design Magazine

CDH Partners_Southwest Dekalb High School

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Project: Southwest DeKalb High School Performing Arts Center
Client:  DeKalb County School District
Location:  Decatur, GA
Project Size:  67,000 sq ft