Project Description

Tanner Health Pavilion

The Tanner Health Pavilion presents a new concept for Tanner Health System, a nonprofit regional healthcare network serving several counties in Georgia and Alabama. The Pavilion is a three-story outpatient center located across from the main hospital in the heart of downtown Carrollton, Georgia. Our design concept strategically combined multiple practices so that patients can access a variety of health care needs in one convenient and comprehensive space.

Tanner Health CenterTanner Health Center

Tanner’s leadership was committed to preserving the existing greenspace along the frontage of the facility, so the space was designed to extend and connect to the community via Carrollton’s existing GreenBelt, an 18-mile shared-use path that loops around the city. By reinforcing the GreenBelt’s efforts of conservation, recreation and connection, the Health Pavilion reflects Tanner’s dedication to getting healthy and living well.

Tanner Medical Center Tanner Health Pavilion Tanner Health Pavilion Tanner Health Pavilion

Outpatient Care

Our Health + Wellness Studio has designed more than 1,200 medical facilities throughout the southeast, which serve 90,000 patients every week. Each project focuses on offering communities the utmost in patient care within safe, welcoming environments. Our skilled team is experienced in 24 areas of health care architecture, enabling us to create highly complex and technical designs for all general and specialty health care needs. We are known for producing the most innovative healthcare design projects, such as outpatient surgery centers, medical office buildings and multi-specialty health parks.

Project:  Tanner Health Pavilion
Client:  Tanner Health System
Location:  Carrollton, GA
Project Size:  140,000 sq ft