Project Description

Vinings Surgery Center

The development of WellStar Vining Health Park’s surgery center is part of the health system’s overall strategic plan to meet the growing demand for outpatient care in local markets. By adding surgery centers to each of its health parks, they can offer patients convenient, same-day surgical and non-surgical procedures with no hospital stay required.

The surgery center’s design drove the decision making and planning for the health park itself because of the complex infrastructure needed to support surgical procedures. In addition to the technical requirements, our team wanted to emphasize WellStar’s philosophy of providing a patient and staff-centric experience and a calming environment for healing. All visitors enter through a park-like main lobby where family members can utilize the health park’s various amenities in a lounge area that offers a variety of privacy options.

Our team used design elements as simple as windows to create a unique care atmosphere. In operating room suites, windows are a novelty. But at Vinings, they admit natural light and yield a positive work environment. We also decided to place patient rooms around the perimeter of the building. Thus, every unit’s windows let in plenty of natural light, which is directly linked to reduced recovery times.

All surgery center patients enjoy added privacy during their stay in separate recovery rooms, which are large enough to accommodate family members as well. We ensured they have a dedicated discharge elevator and a pick-up canopy outside. These unique features highlight the difference between Vinings and other care centers.

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Outpatient Care

Our Health + Wellness Studio has designed more than 1,200 medical facilities throughout the southeast, which serve 90,000 patients every week. Each project focuses on offering communities the utmost in patient care within safe, welcoming environments. Our skilled team is experienced in 24 areas of health care architecture, enabling us to create highly complex and technical designs for all general and specialty health care needs. We are known for producing the most innovative healthcare design projects, such as outpatient surgery centers, medical office buildings and multi-specialty health parks.

Project:  Vinings Surgery Center
WellStar Health Park
Location:  Smyrna, GA
Project Size:  20,000 sq ft