Project Description

WellStar Pediatric Center

WellStar Health System is known for its innovative care models focused on improving quality and access. The company wanted to expand this model to create a unique facility specifically designed for young patients. Pediatric healthcare is specialized and often scarce, but WellStar’s pediatric imaging and after-hours center offers the community a wide range of services and child-centered care, such as diagnostic imaging.

For their pediatric facility, WellStar wanted to go bold. To attract new patients, they purchased a retail store located in a bustling commercial sector. Then, it was up to our design team to create a medical space that could capture attention from a busy road and feel appropriate for a wide age range. We outfitted the exterior with bright, colorful glass and an undulating trellis, which tells visitors the facility is child-friendly and welcoming.

CDH Partners-Wellstar Pediatric Imaging Center

The devotion of the physicians and staff inspired us to create a complementary environment to their compassionate care. We wanted to tap into the patient experience and find ways to combat the anxiety of the unknown that often comes with a doctor’s visit. Our design encourages relaxation and inspires joy. We used a calming motif throughout the space and incorporated kid-friendly technology, so patients can use play to understand the care process.

CDH Partners-Wellstar Pediatric Imaging Center

Throughout the interior, we created an ocean theme with water, fish and marine-life motifs. The floor patterns use “lily pads” to mark entry points, and LED ceiling cove lights illuminate the space. We also provided positive distractions like living projections of wildlife and an interactive aquarium that allows kids to feed the digital fish. These thoughtful touches help change the patient’s perspective of the experience and make the care process smoother, faster, and more enjoyable as a result.

Outpatient Care

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Project:  WellStar Pediatric Center
Client:  WellStar Health System
Location:  Kennesaw, GA
Project Size:  20,000 sq ft